Thursday, August 10, 2006

My own world

How happy I am....
In my own cyberworld
Here I meet my cybermates.
Here I shroud myself in cyber space
blemishes vanish
new identity s created.....
As I forge my self in a perfect way
Here am I me or some one else
or some one else can be me.....yeah

How happy I am.....
In my own cyberworld
how detached I am from the real world
am busy weaving my cybernet
I highly define my cyberself
Am Zeus to some of my cyber friends
As I am caught in the cauldron of cyberworld
I fail to realize its all but game of pretend.

Unfinished Dream.....

I woke up..........
Woke up in the dead of the night...oooh..
To find my self drenched.....yeah....
Drenched in a cold sweat of fear..
I had a dream...
A dream of joy departed.....oooh...
But why........but why.......
It wasn’t a dream of life and light.....oooh.
But why.......
Is it my dark past that haunts me....
Or rather my faliures that torment me.....ohhh
I don’t know...I don’t know...
But why..but why.....
Is it your phelgmatism that’s creating a void
or rather my confidence that I have destroyed......
I don’t know...I don’t know....
But why...but why.....oooh.
But it could have been a dream of life and light....yeah
A dream of life and light......

A Brave New World

Welcome to the brave new world friend
Where there’s no sorrow ......
And happiness is the theme...
Bottled child and magic pills..
Any passion attached is a moral sin.

Ford is our lord...
Ecstacy our faith...
Soma is the drink....
To keep wretchedness at bay.

Your youth is caged
With chemical sprays....
Your thoughts are molded..
By hypnopadeic ways .

This is almost paradise on earth
where I am you and you are I
everything here yours moneys worth
This is our brave new friend...yeah.
Our own new world.


I am alone....
By myself
talking to me
killing time
I ponder over my loneliness....
Here cogitation is high

I am alone....
I am hurt
Filled with anger
Kicking around
Now loneliness is my friend
Healing me from my pain.

I am alone.....
Losing my mind
I am alone......
Its growing dark
I am alone.....
Loneliness is my life.

pondering over

Here I stand in the crossroads of life.....
Already walked a half
Another half to go......ohhh
Brooding over my past life
And contemplating about what my future holds
What was it that I wanted to be....ohh
What is it that I have become......... I living for my self
or living for the people around
Do I have to flow with the stream
or some how make a turnaround
Then there’s the question of
what the world might think.....yeah
of such an act of treachery...oooh
These are the thoughts that torments me
Its better that I pull out.....

Thursday, April 28, 2005

China -From paper maker to Skyscraper

China Posted by Hello

India- From snakecharmer to computer programmer

India  Posted by Hello

Who stole our FDI's

The year is 1947, two countries, India and China kicked off from the same platform , the former embracing democracy and the latter going for communism with a Maoist influence. Some 33 years later china embraced modernization the communist way and India marched on with its socialist democratic system beating China in nothing else except population, our strength as observed by Pandit Nehru. By 2001, India had 1,033m people against China's 1,272m. We are going great guns!Aleast on the population front.
For the last few years there has been a great euphoric feeling all around the country about beating China in their own game of FDI’s and bring back the crowning glory of medieval India that has evaded us ever since the arrival of the British’s.
Dreaming is good but converting those dreams into realities is a different ball game , a little glance into Chinas FDI fact file will give us an insight on where we stand and where we can move from here.
With a miniscule amount of FDI in 1979, China’s FDI kitty has swelled to a massive $45 billion in 1999.There are many contributing factors to this success story of China.
- By offering substantial tax concession, leasing of land, government guarantees for investment, chinies government took the right initiatives to bring in FDI.
- 80% of these comes from Honking, Taiwan , Japan, Korea and the south Asian countries.
- Round tipping is playing an important role in China, i.e. chine’s residents move money to off shore center and bring it back to their own country as FDI.

India, which gets only 5% of the FDI that flows into a developing country can attract a FDI of $15 billion by taking up some aggressive policy’s and by creating the right atmosphere for FDI’s to flow in.The greatest stumbling block is the rusted gearbox of Indian bureaucracy which kills all the enthusiasms of the investors. Only 20% of the proposed FDI’s are translated into actual investments-streamlining procedures, environment clearance, legal work are enough to push these investors to their back foot.
Uncertainty at the center and state level, the constant leg pulling by opposition parties and infrastructure reforms moving at a snails pace doesn’t help the cause either.
With plethora of problems plaguing the Indian FDI sector concrete steps are the need of the hour More FDI’s can be brought in by
- Marketing India the proper way , wipe of bad memories such as the Enron fiasco that are still in every investors mind, with the success stories of GE and IBM.
- We should target service firms, banks, mutual funds, to shift their work to India as we have technically superior workforce, and a large English speaking population.
- Until and unless we take steps to promote agro based industries the gap between rich and poor is going to widen.
- Its time we should take a serious look at our bureaucratic system which has voracious appetite for failures.
- Roads, cities, power, dams speaks a lot about a country, with 50 years down the line we are still a land of snake charmers not skyscrapers like China

Until and Unless we can do away with softness, corruption, fiscal mismanagement, a lack of international ambition and a history of over-protection at home the Indian tiger will always lie low with its tail between its leg in front of the ever aggressive fire spitting chines dragon.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

How can i escape this irresitible grasp!!

The sixth semester starts this January, a semester of aspiration, of optimism, of hope, of desire– to make it in to the big league, the league of professionals The countdown has began, this summer the juggernaut of companies will roll through our campus carrying off a bunch of energetic, spirited, and dynamic young engineers who would be future coders, developers, designers, managers.
Look around! You can feel it. Discussions are in full flow-Which companies are going to turn up? What’s going to be the pay scale? Who is going to come first? What’s going to be the cutoff marks? And any social discussion is not free of some spicy gossips! Gossipry camps are flourishing, churning out mind-boggling stories that are giving many of my amigos sleepless nights. The story doesn’t ends here; many are scampering to the nearest personality development institutes for that magic pill that’s going to inject suaveness and finesse into their personality or the others who are pocketing out a fat sum of money for their newly acquired love for English language. C and Java are being dissected to its atomic form!
You walk into one of these discussions and you take your seat. Did you note something? No. Take another look…aha!! You spotted it. Many of your friends are sporting those rings, which is going give them an edge over their peers, and see them through into one of these companies. Those who were having two are now having five; don’t be surprised to see one or two of your odd friends sporting ten rings in ten fingers! And why not, this is the semester when you should come out with all your cylinders firing. The rings and amulets are a result of rigorous observations of the planets and stars by the family pundits whose only aim is to guide their clients toascend the stairs of success!!
Expectations of family members are high and soaring like the cirrus as they see their son beaming with confidence (although this boisterous blabberings may spell doom for some unassuming cousin who is quiet reserved in his thoughts)
Well my best of wishes to all my friends and comrades who are toiling hard day in and day out to some how cling onto the rolling juggernaut which is going to take them through the highway of life, and add more colours to the ”tableau vivant” of your life

Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies.
-Shawshank Redemption

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Power! Dont even think of it

Does it matter to anyone that we are the biggest democracy in the whole world, or the fact that for the last 50 year’s we have been the apostle of United Nations with least hypocrisy (keeping the big player’s of the league in mind!). No, it just doesn’t matter and nobody gives a damn to it.
The expansion of the Security Council is on the cards, and India doesn’t want to sit out this time and why should it? India has done all the hard work to establish itself as one of the regional power, and it’s slowly but steadily inching towards becoming a superpower. But “ power “ is something that nobody likes to share, as history has witnessed the bloodiest battles that were waged by the ancient Roman gods, the perfidiousness exhibited by the moguls, the blitzkrieg raised by megalomaniac Hitler, for their lust of power. With the end of the holocaust, came the cold war that tore the world into two halves. The war of the titans, USA and USSR never took place but millions and millions of people of third world countries suffered. Vietnam, Afghanistan became their battlefields, where they shamelessly exhibited their newly developed war technologies. The news was broadcasted back home, where people sat in their drawing rooms with a can of coke in their hand and watched their soldiers fight it out, they never smelled napalm or phosgene!
In this hour of crisis when the two devils tried to seduce countries to their respective sides, India walked along the wire of nonalignment using United Nations as its balancing stick. It didn’t succumb to the pressure of aligning itself to any of these camps, like many countries that fell in their trap and lost its way e.g. Pakistan never realized that it was being used as a latex condom by USA for its entry into Afghanistan. With the breaking down of the Soviet Union (thank God! One of these two had to stop) brought into focus a new species of virus that was being bred all along the cold war: religious fundamentalisms that like a multi headed Hydra has taken a vise like grip over the world.
The falling of the twin towers, unleashed the fury of Uncle Sam, which resulted in reckless bombing of Afghanistan and Iraq in the context of giving freedom and democracy. Democracy is something that USA thinks to be its brainchild and it can do whatever it likes in the name of it.
Keeping these facts in mind, United Nations is just the perfect bulwark for these superpowers to push their agenda, and get them implemented. With the expansion of the Security Council a near possibility, these countries are trying to check out all calculations so that the power balance remains intact. With a country like India, which has nonalignment as its slogan, and with no sycophantic nature to its credit, its of no use to these power obsessed superpowers to waste a seat in Security Council for India. As Mahatma Gandhi had said
My life is an indivisible whole, and all
my attitude runs into one another;
and they all have their rise in my
insatiable love for mankind.
We get a seat or we don’t ,but we should have strength of conviction that we will not get ratteled when we are in difficult times, we can make all sorts of concession on things that are of small importance and yet stand unshakable on essentials.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Fata morgana

We are on a roll and there's no stopping us ! You wake up in the morning ,with a cup of coffee in your hand and as you look into your newspaper you see exactly what we want to see, brand India is on the move and the spot light is on us ,the strong aroma of coffee along with
spirited performance of brand India is the perfect blend to kickstart your day .
The year 2004 passed by bringing along with it lots of cheers and celebrations
and marking the beginning of a decade thats gonna be in the hands of young and dynamic people who are ready to face all the challenges that are bestowed upon them . A vast majority
of the Indian population is young and they are rearing to go .
If you are a regular newpaper reader then you will find these facts are making the head lines
- Indian Sensex is on a zoom, its sky rocketing at an hypersonic speed .
- Credits lend out by the banks have tripled .
- 60,000 shopping malls are cropping up in major metros.
- All the countries are looking upto india for software solutions
These are the facts thats going to make any Indian proud ,but my question is ; where do we stand after all these ? There are grim facts that we are trying to mask with a superficial sheath studded with a few bright medals.
We have 28 states, but as far as i feel for the last 50 years we haven't even considered the north east states to be our part,they were some sort of pariah to us ,odd looking,
culture and custom's differnt from the main land .We often refer them as "chinkis ".We won't even think of taking any steps for their upliftment, their education, but we demand them to be
chauvnist's ( unless we have election's knocking at the door).
We have been fighting with Pakistan, for our claim that Kashmir is an integral part of India .But have we taken any concrete steps to setup any industry or create some job opportunities for the people out there, there's no proper roadways, leave alone railway's for people. Or is it that supressed fear that's its going to be a bad investment because we are going to loose Kashmir oneday .
You will find flashy banner's outside banks proclaiming " Student loan's easily available ".
But its difficult to make out which students they are referring to. As one of my friend hailing from a middle class family ,had the bitter experience when he tried to get some loan to fund
his technical education . He was dragged around with a noose around his neck from office to office ,was shown some glimmer of hope here and there ,to be turnned down politely in the end.
It's not the story of my friend ,its the story of millions of boys who are being turned down , desparity and frustratoins slowly creeping into them.We are proudly aspiring to be the knowledge powerhouse of the whole world,but we are overlooking the finer deatils of this big canvas picture that we are trying to paint .
It must be some devine blessing that's holding us Indian's togeather,we should not be deluded
by this " fata morgana " of success that we getting ,instead we should be looking foreward to
strengthen every aspect of our nation as a whole

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Nemises of a deadly tsunami

According to the hindu mythology, this is an era of destruction, of deaths, of pain, of sufferings, this is Kali Yug.In the year 2003, it was the deadly earthquake in Iran, this year the earth quake visited south east Asia with vengeance, creating a monster out of the serene Indian Ocean which left behind a deep scar on the people of this region that will be hard to erase even with the slow turning of the wheel of time, they are going to be haunted for the rest of their lives by the destruction caused by the deadly tsunami.
It rose like the phoenix from the ashes, and transformed the sunny beaches of south asia into vast graveyards. It took along with it all the happiness and joy of an approching new year and blanketed the region with clouds of sorrow
Nobody knows how many were devoured by this wrath that was inflicted by nature on the people of this region, or how many were left homeless. But now the onus is on us to steer this wrecked ship boarded by these people whose sufferings are as deep as the abyss . Let us join hands at this hour of crisis and forget our differences, and do what ever we can within our limitations to help these people out of their sufferings .

Happy New Year! To those who will have none,
A wish that knows too well it cannot be.
Perhaps one ought not wish so futilely;
Perhaps one ought, that such not be alone.
Yearning is the price one pays for hope,
Nor can one hope unless one would endure.